Ancient Egypt is the fifth and final world in Drilling Billy. It follows Lagoon Island. When time runs out, a fire periodically appears underneath Billy. Ancient Egypt is unique for its fire-breathing statues, which appear at the edges of the screen in some levels. Touching them or the fire they breathe will cause Billy to lose a life.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

Billy has always wanted to see the pyramids - now he gets his chance. Well...not exactly like this: It can be sort of hot inside a big pyramid bathed in sun - if he stays still too long he'll get his toes fried. Further more, the pyramids are all closed to tourists and Billy has to fight against all the souvenirs that has suddenly come to life. Even torches easily setting off fire when hitting the ground are running around. Getting rid of all those irritating egyptian [sic] buggers is very difficult - a pyramid isn't exactly the place you'd take your friends for a tennis match. On his way Billy may find short cuts and secret entrances anywhere which mostly leads to new or better abilities and huge amounts of points. However, sometimes these bonus-environments woun't [sic] let him collect all the goodies that easy. Don't let stress or panic overcome you.[1]


  • Urn
  • Coffin
  • Torch
  • Teabag
  • Pyramid



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