There are a number of glitches in Drilling Billy.

List of glitchesEdit

Ledge glitchEdit

  • If you fall on the edge of a platform and hold the down key, you will fall through the floor once you press left or right.

Monster-stuck-in-a-loop glitchEdit

  • In the first level of Ancient Egypt on easy mode, the coffin will soon start walking back and forth on the small platform on the right edge of the screen, making it impossible to complete the level. The easiest way to avoid this is by jumping down and digging a hole before it can climb down the ladder.

Monster-stuck-in-a-hole glitchEdit

  • This glitch happens when a monster gets stuck in a partially filled hole and cannot dig itself out, making it impossible to complete the level. Its exact causes are unknown. It seems to occur when a monster runs away from Billy (after touching him and activating a rainbow) and falls into a partially filled hole.
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